About Rollie


Rollie Hudson began his career working in local TV in Chicago, then on the BBC-TV/Discovery Channel series, “The Promised Land,” a series about the Great Migration of African-Americans from the segregated Deep South to Northern Cities, narrated by Morgan Freeman. He went on to write, produce and direct for the A&E series, The Unexplained, a series that featured stories often based on controversial claims such as alternate histories or belief in superstitions. After that, he was series producer and director for the HGTV remodeling series, New Spaces, followed by work in Los Angeles as a 3D animator and motion graphics artist where he worked on projects including animated motion menus for classic movie releases on DVD and did some effects work for cable networks like Nickelodeon and Spike-TV.


Relocating to the East Coast, Hudson was senior producer at WHUT-TV (PBS) in Washington DC and produced the studio talk show, Evening Exchange, PBS Pledge spots, and locally-focused short documentaries.

He has also written for episodes for series on The Gospel Channel, DIY-Channel and done work on shows such as Ron Hazelton’s House Calls on ABC-TV and some effects work as a 3D animator for the History Channel’s History’s Mysteries series. He does work for production clients out of his Washington-DC based company, Flipbook Productions, where he is also currently developing a documentary about African-Americans and classical music as well as a short film about the nature of life and death.


Favorite Movie

Star Wars, The Matrix...

Favorite 3D software

Lightwave 3D 

Favorite Planet 


No specific part of production is really that difficult. As with anything artistic, it's putting it all together that's the hard part.

- Rollie Hudson, Washington DC



3D animation is where it's at! Love this stuff... We provide computer animation services in the form of motion graphics, VFX, and dramatic re-creations. 

Lightwave 3D is our fav., yet we augment it with other software. Editing is primarily done in Final Cut Pro X and Mac workstations.